Saturday 3 of December, 2022
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Etisalat Provides Food, Water and Healthcare to Egypt’s Underprivileged Masses

The telecommunications giant may have its best interests in mind, but that doesn’t mean it can’t give back to its motherland.

Staff Writer

Going past the elaborate ad campaigns, massive PR events and all the bells and whistles that a corporation puts keen emphasis on, giving back to the community that they primarily serve – be it for profit or decency – should always be a top-tier responsibility. So it came as no surprise to see the stuff that Etisalat have been pulling to offer a much-needed hand to Egypt’s less fortunate folks.

Throughout Ramadan, in collaboration with NGOs Bedaya Charity and Resalet Nour Ala Nour, Etisalat have been jetting all over Egypt to fill as many needs as they can. They've packed over 5,000 Ramadan supply boxes, sending out medical convoys to help treat thousands of those stricken with Hepatitis-C free of charge, and providing upwards of 1,000 bed linens and other medical supplies to various hospitals all over Egypt. Sohag, Qenna, Assiut, Minya and even Halayeb and Shalateen have seen much-needed aid from the telecomm giant, and that’s only some of the stuff they’re happy to do.

“Social and communal responsibility is an integral part of our strategy,” commented Chief Corporate Affairs Officer Khaled Hegazy on the importance of creating shared value in any community, “our success both as a company and individuals is only possible through the success of those we support. We will not cease to provide as much help as we can to the Egyptian community, be it through health, safety or basic amenities, only through nurturing people’s quality of life and ambition can we explore new horizons, as a whole.” Etisalat have their sights set on dramatically improving the quality of healthcare throughout Egypt, as well as continuing to provide the most fundamental of human needs to those out of reach, such as their previous “Origin” campaign; where they provided clean, fresh water to over half a million folks in 17 governorates.

Make sure to follow Etisalat's charitable deeds through their Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages.