Thursday 8 of December, 2022
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You Deserve the Etisalat Emerald Lifestyle This Summer in the North Coast

Etisalat Emerald customers get the red carpet treatment.

Staff Writer

Etisalat Emerald is not joking around when it comes to engaging with their customers this summer. Really taking in the summer spirit (and the sun and sand!), the telecommunications giant is present with Etisalat Emerald and uplifting the North Coast like never before.

Etisalat Emerald is going all out for their brand activation this summer, and hooking us up with entertaining activities and some catchy giveaways in all the following locations: Hacienda (Beach), Bianchi (Beach), La Vista (Beach), Sachí by the Sea, U North, Befit (Hacienda bay - Hacienda White), and Mountain View Ras El Hekma. There’s something for everyone with Etisalat Emerald, who want to engage with as many consumers as possible, highlighting the family-friendliness of their communication plan.

“Enta msh ay had” – you’re an Emerald customer, and Etisalat believes you should be treated like one. You know how when you’re in the airport, and you see these business and first class customers going into a lounge that looks more comfortable than your living room, and you can’t get in? That’s the feeling of missing out – and you don’t want to miss out on the exclusive Emerald lifestyle on the gorgeous, picturesque North Coast.  

Everyone is happy with Etisalat Emerald; for the sporty ones, you can show your skills off in volleyball tournaments, and for the non-sporty among us, you can get your game on in tournaments like giant connect four (just imagine connect 4 on steroids). You won’t want to miss their booth activities – you can get a customized chair with your name on it, and flex like you’re Tarantino. Their customers have been going crazy for this unique gift idea. Don’t worry about the little ones –  they’ll be just as enthusiastic as you are thanks to the countless games and booth activities on offer.Your detective skills will need to be on point - an exciting treasure hunt will be taking place, where you can win amazing prizes like iPhones, speakers, and much more. Don't forget to pack your favorite kites! Etisalat Emerald will be hosting the biggest kite festival in the North Coast, bound to embellish our sky and make for some amazing pictures. 

Last but not least, for the music lovers, Rodge will be performing at Sachí by the Sea, and Omar Khairat’s piano skills will leave you bewildered on the 20th of July at Mountain View.

All of this, exclusively for Emerald customers. Who wouldn’t want to be one?

Main image from Etisalat Emerald.