Monday May 29th, 2023
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Abla Fahita Pulled Off the Air

CBC has made the decision to axe the ever-popular synthetic starlet's show till further notice.

Staff Writer

Bad news for all fans of the ultra-fashionable phenomenon; CBC has put Abla Fahita’s popular nighttime extravaganza off the air till further notice, according to Al Masr Al Youm, due to a litany of charges made against the show numbering in the 300s. A source within the show’s 'inner workings' said that it’s been halted for a little over threeweeks now, due to an alarming amount of legal suits against the channel and the company behind the show, forcing their figurative hands to pull the show off haute couture air until things have get hashed out in court.

“There are no new shootings of the show being recorded besides the five episodes already filmed,” the source told press on the decision to yank the show off the airwaves, further adding that “the show might never be aired on CBC if the disputes between the company and courts aren’t resolved amicably.”

We can already feel the kind of unkempt rage this decision will have on Fahita’s ritualistically dedicated audience (we’re expecting mass riots and maybe a fire or five), but all we can do is send our prayers, good vibes and muffin baskets as the show lingers in TV limbo; much worse than actual limbo on account of Lamis El Hadidi’s existence.