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Cairo Governor Launches New Initiative to Ease Financial Burden of Weddings

A plan by the Cairo governorate is being carried out, gathering 20 brides and grooms in one area and having an all-out wedding for them, with free gifts and concerts.

The deputy governor of Cairo is carrying out ‘Farah Misr' – a collective wedding venture which has been in the works for months to aid the less-fortunate.

Mohamed Ayman Abdel-Tawab, deputy governor of the northern and western areas in Cairo, stated that ‘Farah Misr’ will be lifting the financial burdens that low-income brides-and-grooms-to-be face when planning a wedding. The event will be funded by regional donations, as well as contributions from Ibn Sander Park in Zaytoun. Free wedding gifts will also be provided, Abdel-Tawab reportedly said.

The brides will be presented with gifts donated by residents from the region; additionally, the wedding will include a concert in which the participating singers will be giving a free performance, as an act of charity to those struggling financially.

The program is targeted at people of certain social criteria and financial backgrounds, selected by the governorate, according to Youm7.

Getting hitched in Egypt can set you back quite the pretty penny; covering financial aspects such as dowry for the wife - which can range from EGP 125,000 to EGP 200,000 - to the price of the wedding venue and wedding attire, all of which are not so friendly on the wallet for most in Egypt.

Main image from A Bedouin's Path