Wednesday March 22nd, 2023
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Hyde Park Developments Launches Farida Osman Brand

The prestigious real estate company Hyde Park is collaborating with the exceptional Olympic swimmer and Egypt's national champion Farida Osman to create a lifelong brand for the swimming champ, in line with the company's vision to support the career of promising and accomplished Egyptian athletes.

Staff Writer

Giving the right push to athletes is important, as succeeding on the international level is a challenge to most Egyptian athletes. Hyde Park Developments has taken the initiative to overcome such challenges by supporting an Egyptian athlete with a mind-blowing career through creating her personal brand. Farida Osman, whose accomplished several feats in her swimming career, fit best into the character Hyde Park holds as a brand with her well-rounded personality that was reflected on a rather unique logo created for her.


Although Osman is more prominently known for excelling the 'butterfly' swimming style, she opted for a freestyle logo instead. Osman mentioned that she thought the brand should reflect something more universal and inclusive of everyone in swimming. Freestyle is the first stroke any beginning swimmer perfects and can relate to worldwide. Furthermore, the logo comprised an exceptional wave that was made specially imitating Osman’s instantly-recognisable swimming style.Osman has also expressed her excitement to cooperate with the huge real-estate brand for the core values they share. Both Osman and Hyde Park Developments believe in taking up challenges, seeking excellence and goal determination. And with those qualities they have created a well-balanced brand for the young athlete.

This partnership will be sponsoring Osman for the Golden Fish until Tokyo 2020, and will be aiming at giving her a massive push to her career through creating her own brand and building an academy under her name located at Hyde Parks Development in New Cairo. And if having a fit body and a number of world records isn't going to motivate you enough to pursue your favourite sport as a full time career, we think the thought of a  top-of-the-notch sports facility branded after you could give you just the right kick.

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