Thursday 1 of December, 2022
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This is the First Veiled Egyptian on MasterChef Canada

Never one to let her choice of attire hold her back, this Egyptian chef-to-be is as inspirational as she is ambitious.

Staff Writer

It takes a fair bit of guts to go with something you’re passionate about, instead of just surrendering to your chosen career (not to say careers are bad or anything); you might be an engineer on record, but you’ll be sorely remised if you let go of your spark. A fact that Canada-based Egyptian Reem Ahmed has taken to heart, going on to become the first veiled Muslim contestant on MasterChef Canada’s newest season on the 3rd of April.

A Medical Engineering graduate of Ryerson University in Canada, Reem got her bachelors in 2015, and after a 10-year period of wondering where to go in life, she decided to go all-in with her love for everything culinary; having grown up watching her mother and grandmother host a litany of warm and down-to-earth feasts for friends and family alike, serving up some of the best homemade Egyptian dishes this side of the hemisphere. Having learned how to methodically approach anything that comes her way from her Engineering background, Reem incorporates the kind of minute, scientific know-how she’s learned from her craft with her passion for hearty cooking. Cooking, not unlike any other field in life, is a science in and of itself; one that Reem revels in, becoming one of 21 future master chefs to go on the hit show.  

Reem also tries to dispel any misconceptions commonly associated with the veil, going on to say; “My veil was never a barrier for my acceptance into a different society, so long as you believe in yourself and your choices in life, like the veil, everybody’s going to feel that energy, and they’ll respect you no matter how different you may be.” Reem also faced a fair bit of second thoughts about the whole endeavour, but she managed to project an admirable viewpoint for folks as well as herself; “There was some skepticism at the beginning but by being successful in what you are doing and achieving your goals, doing the things you love, and when you are confident about your abilities, then everyone will come around and support you.”

Reem hopes to open her own restaurant, “The Pyramid,” as soon as she’s sure of her abilities after the show. So why not give her passion some love and head over to her Instagram for some of her gorgeous work.