Monday 30 of January, 2023
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Egypt' First 'Football Theme Park' to Open This Weekend

They've even got foot dart and foot tennis.

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It’s no secret that while Egyptians may be divided in opinion about almost everything, there is one thing that all agree on: Mo Salah and our undying love for football. And there’s finally a space to bring all Egyptians together in their mutual love of the sport with the opening of Egypt's first football-themed entertainment park, FootPark. The first park to be dedicated solely and completely to football, which will be launching this Friday at New Cairo's Maxim Mall, offering football fanatics a range of games to keep them entertained for hours on end.

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مين من صاحبك اللي هيبقي مايكل چوردن ال FootBasket جهز نفسك!

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Bridging the gap between the online football world and the offline one, FootPark creates all of our favourite games in the physical form. The launch event will see some big influencers in the football scene, the likes of Hazem Emam, Farida Salem and Omar Gaber, attending. 

“The inspiration behind it came from realising that there's nothing that really caters completely to football fanatics. It's our passion as Egyptians as well as worldwide," founder, Islam Gasser, told CairoScene. "We have football present in our daily lives, and Egypt ranks 37th when it comes to countries that embrace the game. FootPark is the world’s first gamification football themed park; we’re combining gaming technology with physical interaction. Our vision is to get people off their couches and into this new gaming form of fitness.”

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ذات مومنت لما تعرف ان كل شوطة هتجبها في التارجت هتاخد عليها جايزة 🎁⚽️

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With games like Cross Bar challenge, foot-basket and free-kick master among others, the park works just like an arcade wherein players amass points when they meet the targets. The difference is that it’s all digitised. Remember how you’d never get that prize you wanted at the end of the day at the arcade just because you lost half of your winning tickets? No? Just us? Well, with FootPark you won’t need to go through that as all points are registered on the FootPark app.

“The free-kick master basically has a moving wall and you kick the ball into the basket to win the points. Every game is played with your feet, no hands. So, we also have foot darts and foot tennis.”

The park also has cameras set up so that you can buy a video of yourself kicking ass at foot dart and foot tennis. 

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