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Geox Giveaway: Want To Walk On Air?

Show us your most extreme 'From Where I Stand' photos and you could win a massive 500 LE voucher to spend at Geox.

It's winter once more, and you are wearing your thick socks and heavy shoes all day. After a long day walking the streets of Cairo and sweating into your socks, taking off those shoes isn't fun; clouds of bad smell are a reality! It seems virtually impossible to have warm, comfortable feet and no smelly apartment at the end of the day. Well, with this competition that may change!

With air escaping the shoe through the sole but mud, water and other dirt staying out, Geox makes the perfect shoe for those who walk miles daily wanting to be comfortable yet chic. And one of three LE500 vouchers to be spent on a brand new pair of GEOX can be yours today, ending soggy feet once and for all.  

Show us a photo of your shoes in the most dramatic situations on Instagram: running through the rain, balancing on a rope or dangling off a building. Tag @CairoScene and @Geox, using the hashtag #ShouldHaveWornGEOX. The most creative entries win a huge chunk of cash towards their new pair of Geox and a future of comfortable, fresh and happy feet.