Wednesday May 22nd, 2024
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Gezira Sporting Club Set to Expand to 6th October City

The ever so popular Gezira Sporting Club, has plans in the works to expand to the edges of the city.

Staff Writer

Gezira Sporting Club Set to Expand to 6th October City

Gezira Sporting Club, founded in 1882 in Zamalek, is one of the largest sports clubs in Cairo, and yet, it is over condensed. If you’re a member you’ll know how near impossible it is to find a parking spot at peak times and weekends. 

It also happens to be the only club in Egypt with an area designated to dogs and their owners. The club brings together top notch athletes, sport fanatics and socialites who just hang out in a nostalgic setting. Good luck finding a chaise longue to tan on by the pool, where cold beer used to be served in the good old days before God knows what the hell happened.

To cater to the overwhelming condensation of the beautiful premises, the club is planning to expand to 6th of October on a large premises. This not only caters to the multitude of families who have moved from the city’s centre to the 6th October, but also lifts the condensation off of the Zamalek branch and will hopefully return to its previously relaxed vibe. Check out the video below showing off the new premises.