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IG Wants YOU: The Third IGCSE Football Tournament Wants Female Players

The IG Club is calling girls who love football to come invade the pitch and play the opening game of the third edition of their tournament.

Football might once have been a boys-only playground activity, but news flash: girls can tackle, dribble, score, and save goals just the same as boys can. So, all of our fellow female football fanatics, we present to you The IG Club’s Third IGCSE football tournament at Al Bashaer School, Zahraa Al Maadi. And this year, they insisted that the opening game should be played by two all-girl teams. Feel like breaking the stigma? Sick of hearing "you play like a girl?" Well show them exactly how a girl plays.

The tournament invites girls of all ages, schools and educational systems from all corners of Egypt to come together and form two kick-ass teams to go head to head in the opening match of the tournament. A perfect opportunity to show off your sick soccer skills and make it known that girls are just as capable as boys are when it comes to sports. The tournament will start on the 16th of February and continue all the way to the 23rd, with prizes up for grabs for the first 3 teams; EGP 5,000 along with gold medals and a trophy for first place, EGP 3,000 along with silver for second place and EGP 2,000 with bronze medals for third. The IG Club will provide all necessary security, first aid and technical personnel to ensure the match goes on smoothly. 

Feel like signing up? Fill out this form and head over to the tournament's Facebook page to learn more, and if you have more questions, give them a call on 01210837777.