Tuesday 6 of December, 2022
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These Gyppo Gems Will Get Your Chakras in Check and Your Wrists So Pretty

There's just something about crystals...

Staff Writer

The difference between diamonds and gems is like the difference between money and happiness. Both are difficult to attain, but we all know that in this day and age, money will eventually give you happiness (I mean, hello solo island-hopping adventure). When it comes down to it, having that sense of home close to your heart essentially gives you the feeling of comfort and security. So, happiness wins, and so do gems.

Straight from the land of the camels, Mahmoud Damarawy, founder of Gyppo Soulful Handcrafts, is producing these gorgeous pieces of jewellery himself, after realizing that the Egyptian market lacks such beauties. The items are suitable for both men and women, embellished with vivid and unique colours and layers.

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The use of the shades of brown in their leather and copper sort of reminds us of the desert land that we live in, which gives it its own special identity of sorts. Damarawy crafts the jewellery by copper electro forming—a long and meticulous procedure. Don’t try staring at the gems for too long, though, or you’ll find yourself hypnotised and mesmerised by the striking blues of the stones.

Is the sexiness derived from the magical powers that the gypsies of Egypt garnered long ago? Probably not, but we do know that the stones are all-natural. Damarawy, who buys the gems from local stores, tells us that the gems contain a certain type of energy that regulates your mood and intuition by opening your chakras. 

Different colored gems have different healing powers, depending on what you’re looking for. Darker shades of blue are like a truth serum, while lighter shades reflect balance and tranquility. We can’t promise that it works, but you’ll never know until you try.

Damarawy released a new collection on June 21 available for preorders.

Check out Gyppo’s Facebook and Instagram for more information.