Tuesday December 5th, 2023
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Heineken Soccer Bars Back for UCL 2015!

Heineken are turning our favourite bars across the country into their famous Soccer Bars, which, coupled with the Champion the Match app, could see you win a trip to Ibiza.

Staff Writer

It’s that time of year again; when people worldwide plant themselves in front of a screen, pay an inordinate amount of attention to what’s happening on that screen and yell like manic hooligans in accordance to the movements on the screen. Yup, the Champions League is reaching its final stages. Now what goes with football like peanut butter goes with jelly? Beer. Heineken is back across the city’s bars, with their 2015 UCL Heineken Soccer Bars! We’re talking delicious brews, oodles of prizes, and best of all, TWO trips to Ibiza up for grabs.

Allow us to break it down for you. The beer bros are taking over a bunch of bars nation-wide and turning them into Heineken Soccer Bars. Now in typical Heineken style, this means tons of games and giveaways and gifts. The bars they’ve selected are The Tap Maadi, Carlos Le Pacha Zamalek, Amici Heliopolis, Gourmet Dusit Thani 5th Settlement, Tempo 6th October, Hooligans Alexandria, Queen Vic Sharm, and Jobos Gouna.

On top of that, Heineken have also created a special app for this season, ‘Champion The Match’. The app is a standard swipe-football-into-goal type game – all of your Angry Birds/Fruit Ninja training should come in handy. And it’s this app that could win you that trip to Ibiza.

Now there are TWO trips up for grabs and two ways you can win a trip; either playing at one of their chosen Heineken Soccer Bars or playing it on your phone.

Let’s start with Heineken Soccer Bars. There will be touch screen stands at all the Heineken Soccer Bars and when you buy two Heinekens, you can register for the app and then play away inside the bar and rack up points for yourself. You can play the game on touch screens stands at any of the chosen soccer bars anytime you visit one of them, and the person with the highest points at the end of the season wins the trip to Ibiza – with a plus one! So we suggest you grab a sleeping bag and just camp out at your favourite bar…

If you’re the kind of person who prefers to watch the matches at home, you can still download the app on your phone, play it, and possibly win the OTHER trip to Ibiza. In this case, scan the code on the Heineken can to download the app and register. You will also need to enter the code under the bottle’s crown to play the game. In this situation, unlike the bars, you’re not playing alone; you pick a partner. It’s all about teamwork y’all; your points accumulate together throughout the season and this is the person who will go with you to Ibiza should you win, so choose wisely. Team with the most points at the end of the season nabs a trip to Ibiza! Simple as that.

So yeah, prepare for a beer-soaked football season and a possible trip to party central Ibiza, all courtesy of Heineken.

Full list of Heineken Soccer Bars

The Tap Maadi
Carlos Le Pacha Zamalek
Amici Heliopolis
Gourmet Dusit Thani 5th Settlement
Le Meridian Airport
Hooligans Alexandria
Queen Vic Sharm
Jobos Gouna

Dates of the matches

Round of 16, second leg: 17-18/03/15
Quarter-finals, first leg: 14-15/04/15
Quarter-finals, second leg: 21-22/04/15
Semi-finals, first leg: 05-06/05/15
Semi-finals, second leg: 12-13/05/15