Friday June 2nd, 2023
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Egypt’s Ministry of Health Launches New Hotlines for Psychological Support During Quarantine

The hotlines are just one element in a growing network of mental health services in light of the pandemic.

Staff Writer

The Ministry of Health has launched two new hotlines for Egyptians in need of remote psychological support, as anxiety levels continue to heighten in the face of the ongoing pandemic.

Also as a part of the efforts going towards mental health during this tumultuous time, a specialised team of 150 health workers have received online training enabling them to offer psychological aid for coronavirus patients and their families thus far, with around 1,500 more having submitted requests to receive online training soon. More teams in designated quarantine hospitals have been reserved for psychological services on the ground, thereby adding to the size of the programme.

The ministry’s spokesperson, Khaled Megahed, emphasised the necessity of establishing a daily routine for people practicing social distancing and encouraged them to continue communication with loved ones via phone, maintain a healthy diet, exercise, quit smoking and drinking, as well as take part in meditation if they begin to experience any form of anxiety or unease. 

The two numbers are, 080-8880-700 and 02-2081-6831.