Sunday March 26th, 2023
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The Middle East’s First Hydraulic Car Parking System is Launching in Egypt

May this be the beginning of new times for Cairo traffic?

Staff Writer

Praise the lord and hallelujah - the future of parking in Egypt is here. Well, not quite and not quite everywhere - just Heliopolis for now. We speak of very cool, borderline futuristic hydraulic parking system, which is set to open in the Roxy area of Masr El Gedida this December - the first its kind in the Middle East. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, Dubai.

Equipped with a hydraulic system that takes care of parking for you by elevating and stacking the cars vertically, the garage – creatively called Roxy Garage – is being built by the equally creatively named Roxy Garage Company, and the first phase of the  EGP 230 million project is set to be complete by December 2018.

Said  first phase is going to be inaugurated next month, according to Mahmoud Farag, Chairman of the Roxy Garage Company, with final touches being taken care of including a fire suppression system.

Main image from AIS Online.