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Egyptian Initiative Wants Each Darb Al Ahmar Art Student to Have their Own Personal Instrument

Bassita teams up with Drosos Egypt to bring Darb Al Ahmar Art school's students the instruments they need to pursue their artistic endeavours.

With support from Drosos Egypt, Bassita - the click funding sensation - is back again with it’s latest campaign that is contributing to Egypt’s art scene and providing the children of Darb Al Ahmar Art School (DAAS) with the needed tools to pursue their musical talents. This comes as an attempt to encourage the budding musicians within the small underprivileged community and ensure the children are taught well enough to be able to guarantee a stable job for themselves upon graduation. 

The click funding campaign #Share_The_Good_Vibes - which launched last Friday - aims to raise EGP 30,000 for the students. DAAS - which has 59 students from the impoverished area enrolled in their program - offers three specialization: circus arts, percussion and wind instruments. However, students registered in the school are forced to share instruments or forgo practicing altogether when on holiday, due to a shortage in the musical percussions and wind instruments. 

Lending their expertise to the campaign are Egyptian filmmakers and directors who would like to support the growing art scene in Egypt and take part in aiding skilled youngsters live up to their potential as they are the future representatives of Egypt's art scene. 

The money raised will be coming through Swiss organization, Drosos Foundation which contributes internationally to communities of children and young adults by granting them the means necessary to take control of their own lives. Deeming creativity an important aspect that builds resilience and confidence, country director of Drosos Egypt, Wessam El Beih believes in the opportunities that DAAS is providing for the children. 

Bassita has previously teamed up with Drosos as well as other foundations to achieve social change within communities in Egypt, through its click-funding techniques. Having joined forces with Safarni on a previous campaign, the two organizations created a video that went viral and aimed to encourage social cohesion between migrants and Egyptians in Ard El Lewa. The effort was supported by Drosos Foundation and IOM. 

Check out the video below.

Video and main image by Bassita.