Thursday September 28th, 2023
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Weirdough: The New Egyptian Bakery Founded by the CEO of a Hardware Factory

A different kind of nuts and chips.

Staff Writer

The CEO of an Egyptian hardware manufacturing business isn’t exactly the first person you’d think would open a bakery. But that’s exactly what 46 year-old Hassan Sabry has done in founding online venture, It’s Weird Dough, which launched just weeks ago.

"I hold a bachelors degree in Physics, an MBA as well as a PhD in Business Management," Sabry told CairoScene. "I’m 46 years old, married and father of three amazing kids."

While it might seem like a random and unexpected shift for Sabry, he very much leans on his business and science background in the way he approaches the baking, which he does himself.

"I’ve founded and managed a few other businesses, but never anything related to food," he explains. "I fell in love with baking because it’s more of a science that requires meticulous attention to measurements, reactions and following instructions.  It was just a hobby until family and friends started pushing me to seriously consider it, showering me with compliments on how much they love what I cook and bake for them."The ingredients for his baked goodies are mostly found locally, but because of how elaborate some of his recipes are, he sometimes brings high quality ingredients from Canada, where he often travels to.

His recipe for success, however, is plain and simple. "As cliché as it sounds, our cookies are truly made with love and passion. On the more technical side, we don’t compromise with ingredients and are always experimenting to make our cookies even better."It's Weird Dough remains an online venture for now and orders are placed through their website. Sabry launched with a simple menu of six cookies: Original Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter Reese's, Nutella Oreo Chocolate Chips, Triple Chocolate, Marble, M&Ms, selling for an average of EGP 25 to EGP 30 each.

What's so weird about it though?`

"Even though the word weird is often used in a negative context, it originates from the meaning ‘unearthly’ and ‘magical’, which is what we are all about; we strive to create an unearthly and magical experience by playing around with one of the most popular and loved food creations, cookies!"

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Main Photo: Eman Naguib