Friday February 23rd, 2024
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Jayda Hany Brings Back the 90s with Her New Collection of Shoes and Bags

Because who doesn't miss the 90s?

Staff Writer

Having first turned heads in 2015 with what would best be described as futuristic designs, Jayda Hany has since made a name for herself by  creating backs and shoes that defy norms.  For her Fall/Winter 2018 collection, Pre-Play, it's no different as Hany takes us a on a stroll down memory lane with edgy, nineties-inspired designs.

Holding a degree in architectural engineering, Hany also leans on her studies  for inspiration in many of her designs. Her vision when creating every bag, pair of shoes or accessory includes designing and manufacturing them in terms of form, functionality and quality. For the Pre-Play collection, Hany found her muse in the lines and philosophy of puzzle games, which were a past-time many 90s kids remember fondly. The collection aims to portray the idea of bringing together fragmented pieces to form a coherent whole as a result of different life experiences being integrated into one.

Check out some of the pieces from the collection below. 

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Art Direction: Aya El Kolaly 
Footwear & Bags: Jayda Hany 
Make Up: Yasmin El Khashab 
Models: Natalia Dybich and Nour Ibrahim 
Photography: Mohsen Othman
Styling: May Wahid