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Jude Benhalim Releases Fierce 'Ode to Motherhood' Collection

Write in time for Mother's Day...

Jude Benhalim

Cutting edge, fashion-forward statement jewellery pieces are not what we expect our mothers to strut around with. But just in time for Mother's Day, Jude Behnalim, the eccentric Egyptian jewellery designer, has announced the launch of her 'Ode to Motherhood' collection, in which she celebrates the ageless beauty of motherhood with these fierce AF pieces.

The collection, besides obviously being a stunning mother's day gift, aims at shattering societal pressures on women to 'act their age' when it comes to their fashion choices. Released alongside a shoot featuring edgy mothers and grandmothers, the concept is out to prove that looking fabulous is not an exclusive right to the 'young', and we're totally here for it.

Check out more of the pieces on the Jude Benhalim Instagram.