Monday May 20th, 2024
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New Lactose Free Milk Hits Egyptian Markets

Because everybody deserves to have a tall glass of milk without having to camp in the bathroom.

Staff Writer

New Lactose Free Milk Hits Egyptian Markets

Though the world at large has been leaning towards satisfying the needs of those with less-common allergies and intolerances, Egypt still lags considerably behind most parts of the world, in terms of progressive dietary habits. So we were genuinely taken aback to finding out about Juhayna’s newest entry into their pipeline; entirely lactose free milk for those among us who can’t have a thimble of chocolate milk without playing the song of our people’s asses.

All the relevant details we could find, as of the time of writing this article, are from a random Facebook post by user Aya Karam Kordy, alerting folks all around the Egyptian side of the Facespace about the precious product stealthily hitting Cairo’s shelves at shopping establishments the likes of Hyper 1, Oscar and Seoudi. According to the comments on the enlightening post, the milk will hit even more shelves across the country as of tomorrow, and we’re eager to get a glass of our own (even though none of us are afflicted).
What’ll be next in line for our favourite products here in Om El Donia? How about gluten-free beer for our comrades with celiac disease (gluten intolerance)? Maybe even vegan hotdogs made of mushrooms and beans or whatever? We’re personally looking forward to burgers with actual beef in them instead of compound 438, silicon extract and brown dye No. 42.

Photos from Aya Karam Kordy. 

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