Wednesday 7 of December, 2022
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Jumia Gets Geeky at the Greek Campus

Get ready to get geeky. Jumia's big event at the GrEEK Campus is all abut your inner tech-head. Check out everything that's going down this Saturday 16th May here...

Staff Writer

Gadgets and gizmos and gaming, oh my! Techies used to be considered a select group of geeks who got things like code and whatnot but now the entire population is basically attached at the hip to technology. It may just be the single most influential aspect of our current generation – you know, except for Beyonce. From mobile phones to social media to online retailing, technology has infiltrated our lives at every level. Show of hands; who wakes up and immediately reaches for their phone? Scrolls manically through Instagram, skims Facebook? Even ordering a cab has become a digital reality (thank you Uber).

In light of this tech takeover, e-commerce powerhouse Jumia is organising the first technology festival in Egypt to celebrate the launch of its latest endeavour, tech blog Jumia Geek. The event will take place Saturday May 16th at the Greek Campus Downton, and is aptly titled, Jumia Geek at the GrEEK. It’s going to feature all things tech... ever. From cool gadgets to a gaming zone, debates on the latest trends to discussions on different trends on the interwebs, it’s going to be a day dedicated entirely to technology. “Technology has made everything so much more accessible, and it’s time that we made the technology itself more accessible to everyone. That’s what our new blog, Jumia Geek, is all about,” Marketing Manager of Jumia, Tamer El Fiky says. “Our goal for this event is to bring together this community of technology users, to experience what’s new, what’s not, and talk about what’s the future.”

And this so-called community has exponentially expanded in recent years to encompass virtually everyone. Our grandmas stream films online. For real. Experts in the tech sphere will be present at the geektastic event, as well as entrepreneurs and influencers, discussing such things as if robots will take over the world one day; if they take over the world, will they inject chips into our brains to control us via remote control; what will this remote control look like? Will we still be able to Instagram??? WILL THEY GRANT US THIS ONE SMALL MERCY? Just kidding. There will be debates throughout the day, but robots aren’t on the agenda. Yet. Kicking off the series of discussions will be visual click wizards Timothy Kaldas and Sarah Abu El Ela debating whether or not mobile phone cameras will replace SLR cameras (that stands for single lens refraction in case you didn’t know – we didn’t know either) and will finish off with Mada Masr and CairoScene battling to the death in a gladiator arena with cellphones from 1998. To test their technical prowess obviously. No, but they will be engaging in a discussion that’s hugely relevant in today’s digital sphere; click bait versus actual creative content.

There will be booths all around the campus, some cool musical performances, as is expected at these things, and a collab with Recyclobekia; guests who bring in an old piece of tech anything (remote controls, Gameboys, VCR machine, whatever) will be entered into a draw and winners will win something awesome at the end of the day. We’re not telling you what it is.

Expect a TECH-nicolour, TECH-tastic, TECH-xtravaganza. Ok we’re done with the lameness. Just go, bring old school gizmos, and enjoy a day filled with some of the brightest minds in today's technology sphere.