Friday April 19th, 2024
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Egyptian Artists Featured in Kahlil Gibran-Themed London Exhibition

In collaboration with Caravan, the curators hope to promote peace and inspire others with Kahlil Gibran's poetry, writing, and art.

Staff Writer

Egyptian Artists Featured in Kahlil Gibran-Themed London Exhibition

This summer in London, Sotheby’s art space will be holding Kahlil Gibran: Guide for our Times—a Kahlil Gibran-themed exhibition on August 6 until August 10. The exhibition features 38 artists across the Middle East, including nine Egyptians, and promoting peace and tolerance.

The event, in collaboration with Caravan—an Egyptian Chicago-based art-focused peacebuilding initiative—and curated by Janet Rady and Marion Fromlet Baecker, aims to highlight how Kahlil Gibran can act as a symbol of peace between the East and the West. Caravan released an exhibition statement saying that the theme was “inspired by the universal message of peace and harmony found in Kahlil Gibran’s poetry, writing, and art.”

Give Your Hearts by Yasser Rostom
Freedom in Orphalese by Nazir Tanbouli

Swift and Far by Nagla Samir

The Forest by Marwa Adel

The Immigrants by Hady Boraey

Left: The Mystic / Right: More than Equal by Reda Abdel Rahman

The Prophet by Wael Darwesh

The Porphet's Garden by Ibrahim El Tanbouli

Bahrain and Cairo are holding smaller-scale exhibitions of a similar nature, hosted by Caravan. The participating Egyptian artists are Marwa Adel, Hady Boraey, Yasser Rostom, Nagla Samir, Ibrahim El-Tanbouli, Nazir Tanbouli, Wael Darwesh, Amina El-Demirdash, and Reda Abdel Rahman (one of Caravan’s founders).

A similar exhibition by Caravan was shown in Bahrain and Cairo, and this larger exhibition showcases some of the same works, while also adding new pieces by other artists. According to Sotheby’s, profits made from the artwork will go straight to charity.

Image sources: Sotheby’s.