Thursday December 7th, 2023
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How This Egyptian Brand Uses Glassblowing to Create Art

Because art does't need to fit in a frame.

Staff Writer

Who said art has to fit inside a frame or sit on a plinth? Egyptian brand, Kelos, challenges that very norm, and has been doing so since 1989, by taking a traditional art form and refining hand-crafted glass sculptures in the form of pendants, chandeliers, table lamps, barware and much more.

“When we first started our journey, we only worked on small items made out of borosilicate glass,” says Abdelrahman Mohamed, founder of the handcrafted glass brand. “Over the years, however, we developed our techniques so that we can create anything we wanted using handmade glass. Preserving the craft of glassblowing in Egypt is something Kelos will always stand for.”

There are endless possibilities of color, texture and original designs to the brand’s products, which is exactly why Kelos stands out in a sea of competitors. “We’ve been researching about expanding into the US for the past four years and we’re almost there,” Mohamed continues. “We’re quite hopeful that we shall succeed in doing so in 2021. Kelos was never meant to just be a local brand.”

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