Saturday September 23rd, 2023
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Key for a Key: AlMarasem Development Launches Innovative CSR Campaign with Star-Studded Event

The 'Key for a Key' initiative has already renovated 140 homes in Beni-Suef and there's more to come.

Staff Writer

According to a 2017 UNICEF report, 27.8% of Egyptians live under the poverty line, with that number actually being considered a conservative estimate. Poverty is a problem that has no easy solution. Yet, it’s one that leading Egyptian real estate developer AlMarasem is trying to help solve.

As part of a huge campaign under the banner of AlMarasem's World, which was launched with a special event featuring Lebanese star, Elissa, two property developments in New Cairo, Capital Gate and Fifth Square, have taken AlMarasem's signature natural landscapes and home solutions to new heights, while also encompassing another element.

In collaboration with Dar Al Orman, AlMarasem has launched the Key for a Key initiative, promising that, for every house sold in their new development projects, a house in Egypt’s less privileged areas will be reconstructed and renovated by the company. Phase one of the initiative launched in February and saw the renovation of 140 homes in Beni-Suef, with many more still pending.

Key for a Key is the first of two campaigns beyond real estate development launched by AlMarasem aiming to improve Egyptians’ lives, with the second being their sponsoring the Egyptian Paralympic team's efforts to qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Special Olympics. The collaboration with the Egyptian Paralympic Committee aims to ensure the team has everything it needs to make Egypt stand out at the games.

Established internationally in 1931, AlMarasem stands as one of the leading real estate developer in Egypt. The group has always aimed to push boundaries with projects merging modernity with nature, combating Cairo’s lack of landscape elements in the process.

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