Thursday 1 of December, 2022
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Khaled Youssef’s Film ‘Karma’ Withdrawn from Screening at (Very) Short Notice

Just 24 hours before its screening, Karma was withdrawn from screening for not complying with terms and conditions.

Staff Writer

Among a number of other films, Karma – written and directed by Khaled Youssef – was to be aired in the Eid holidays this weekend. However, at a moment’s notice, the Supreme Council for Culture’s Cinema Committee went back on their decision two months after the initial approval, preventing the movie from being aired in Egyptian cinemas.

This came as a huge shock to many, as censoring this film denies freedom of expression and creativity. The film was already approved by the Committee in April and was set to be screened in Egyptian Cinemas in June. As you might have already seen on billboards across Cairo, the film was being campaigned all over. However, MP Haitham El-Hariri just shared a post on his official Facebook page, confirming the withdrawal of the film because of its "violation of the terms and conditions under which the licence was given,” with no further reasons explained.

According to MAD Solutions, Karma is a film that follows the lives of two characters who never meet but share a lot of things in common in their life. The film trudges on controversial topics; one of the characters is a young Muslim who pursues a love affair with a Christian, disregarding their families discontent. Other scenes in the movie explore business and corruption.

The movie is to be aired as scheduled in Europe, America and Canada by July of 2018.

Main image taken from Almrsal.