Tuesday 29 of November, 2022
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Deep Cleaning Your House is Now One Click Away with this Egyptian App

Time for that much-needed spring clean.

Staff Writer

We've all been there. You wake up in a haze, only to realise that your place is in a complete and utter state of dismay and unapproachable chaos, you frantically call your best friend for psychological support and ask her if she knows any decent and honest cleaners who won't steal or wreck your place and who will actually be there on time.

Luckily, Hashem Ali, the founder of Kheddma, has it all figured out. The smartphone app offers professional deep cleaning services for homes; all you have to do is put down your address, the number of rooms, and the exact date and time for the cleaning team to arrive.

The professionally trained staff will arrive in time on your doorstep armed with their very own high grade cleaning equipment including bathroom cleaners, wood polishers, de-greasers and window cleaners.

From that shady corner inside your fridge, to that aggravating dust bunny overstaying its welcome, to under that useless modahab chair your mum generously gave you, Kheddma has all your kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, ceilings, floors and pesky corners covered.

The deep clean is efficiently finished within three to four hours of your order time, no matter how large or small your house is, and they will even send a team of up to four cleaners if they have to. While there are individual prices for each room type, the general minimum cost of any order comes at the competitive price of EGP 300. The service can be quite useful for people who live in places that are inaccessible for typical house-cleaners such as Sheikh Zayed and New Cairo, while Ali has plans to expand its services across the whole country. Beyond the app, Ali also has an eye but the future of the maids currently on the market, of whom he plans to professionally train and launch them back into the market through Kheddma. Now time for that much-needed spring clean...