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The Original Dessert Innovator La Poire Strikes Again with its Delicious Ramadan Creations

And they have some sugary surprises in store for Eid, too.

Meet the Dessert OGs Behind All Your Favorite Kunafa Fusions

Abraham Lincoln once said that, “the best way to predict the future is to invent it.” While we’re pretty sure that he wasn’t talking about kunafa when he said it, it makes perfect sense here – just hear us out for a second.

You see, for a good forty years, Egyptian dessert giant, La Poire, has been baking, cooking and icing all your favourite sugary treats and, since 2014, they’ve been adding whimsical twists on the classics that it’s perfect for decades.

From Kunafa Mango, Kunafa Karkade, Kunafa Nutella, and Kunafa Kharoub, to their freshest 2019 creations, Om Ali Lotus, Kunafa Oreo Lotus and their absolutely stellar Kunafa Salted Caramel, this is one place that certainly doesn’t shy away from experimentation.

Not only is that a lot of Kunafa to digest, literally and metaphorically, but it's also proof that for La Poire, Kunafa has absolutely no limits and we’re already scratching our chins in anticipation of what they have in store for next year.

Before that, though, there’s Eid to deal with – and like for all occasions, La Poire has plenty of goodies in store. From their sinfully delicious Kahk creations that arrive in several flavours, to their insatiably scrumptious Ghoryba. Not only is La Poire proudly a home grown Egyptian patisserie, but it is also a place that cares about fusing tradition and innovation, in one single bite of sheer and utter yumminess. 

Check out La Poire on Facebook and Instagram - and get ready to feast.