Saturday 10 of December, 2022
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Cafes in Egypt Might Soon Need a License to Serve Shisha

Egypt may be imposing restrictions on our favorite past time activity.

Staff Writer

While non-smokers often complain about smokey restaurants and bars in Egypt, yearning for the same regulations that have deemed smoking indoors illegal across most of Europe, things might be about to change.

The Center for Environmental Affairs has submitted a request for new regulations concerning indoor smoking as well as a request to regulate shisha cafes. The new regulations would force shisha cafes and restaurants to get a license in order to offer shisha to their customers as well as have a mandatory enclosed area for those who want to smoke.

The requirements for the indoor smoking space or room are quite specific, but with only two main rules; the smoking section should not be more than 100 meters in size and that the rest of the restaurant or cafe should subsequently be completely smoke free. The proposal would also mean that there would have to be a physical barrier between the smoking section and non-smoking section.

If put into action, the request would have sweeping effects on many of Cairo's venues, at which shisha has become part and parcel of their offerings.