Thursday December 7th, 2023
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Tex-Mex Cuisine Has Just Cruised into New Cairo with This New Food Truck

Vroom vroom, yum yum.

Staff Writer

For all is foibles and quirks, the U-S-of-A certainly do one thing right - food. Be it what we have come to wrongly know as 'Chinese food', or their gastronomically appropriated version of Italian cuisine, they just get it when it comes to big flavours and big portions - things that are readily available at one of New Cairo's newest culinary additions, Los Hermanos.Located at the Mobil Gas station in on Street 79, Los Hermanos - which translates to 'The Brothers' - launched earlier this month and even has a seating area where we get to enjoy one of the many delicious dishes they have to offer, which include burgers, enchiladas, tacos and hotdogs, and at very reasonable prices - the most expensive item on the menu is EGP 65. The branding and logo plays on its philosophy, too, as Amr Asser, one of the five founders, tells CairoScene of the inspiration.

“The characters basically have nothing to do with each other, but they’re united by food," says Asser. "So one of them is old and used to be kind of gangsta back in the day and the younger one is like a badass baby and the third one is a cool camel. They basically symbolise the concept that no matter how different we are, food will always bring us together.”We personally couldn't agree more with that statement. Having painted the truck themselves, the founders made sure that all the designs were original and created specifically for the food truck. The sandwiches and food items, everything from the bun right down to the sauces, are made from scratch in Los Hermanos' kitchen.“We don’t have anything that’s ready-made. We make everything including the sauces in our kitchen. Our signature burger is Los Hermanos Barbecue. For now, we only have one branch, but we're planning to have the food truck set up at different events.”

So maybe next time you’re looking to do something a little different or try a new cuisine, keep Los Hermanos in mind. Oh, and definitely try their cheese corn dogs.

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