Sunday May 28th, 2023
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You Can Now Be Eco-Friendly at Home with Ease Thanks to This International Brand’s Arrival in Egypt

Mabe puts water conservation and energy efficiency as a priorities - and makes it easy.

Staff Writer

While the term eco-friendly has almost ceased to have any real meaning in the collective conscious of Egyptians, a unique new brand is about to enter the local market and could well lead the way in day-to-day eco-friendliness, if ever there was such a thing.

While home appliances aren’t exactly looked at as vehicles to ensuring a closer bond between us and Mother Nature, Mabe’s arrival in Egypt comes with some rather nifty eco-friendly features to the kind of appliances you used every day.

Take the most awful of chores: laundry. Have you ever thought how much water is used in one wash? Well, most washing machines can use between 29 and 45 gallons…per load…which is insane.

Mabe’s line in Egypt is set to feature top loading washing machine (which are endlessly better than the back-pain-inducing front loading machines) that uses water saving technology and an ‘Eco Function’ to ensure that each load takes closer to 5 gallons per load.

“The Egyptian market is growing so fast and they have unique needs that our products can cover easily,” Mabe’s regional manager, Imad Itani, has said, no doubt referencing the country’s water shortage.

Though several projects and initiatives have been launched over the last three years or so to try and tackle the shortage, it’s also widely agreed by all that it can also be in our hands – that we need to be frugal with our own uses of water – something that can be made all the more effective with technologies like these.

The militantly eco-friendly company’s ethos also extends to its refrigerators, which feature high grade energy efficiency capacity, meaning you will use up to 20% less energy – and you know what they say, every little counts.

This approach has been the fruits of over 70 years for the company, which began humbly in Mexico in 1946. Now, Mabe’s products are distriucted across over 70 countries and the latest addition to its list was marked with a special event   

The arrival of Mabe on the Egyptian market was celebrated with a special event at Downtown Hotel, The Nile Ritz-Carlton, which was attended by Mabe International’s vice president, the Mexican Ambassador and several of Mabe’s local partners. Attendees were also treated to entertainment courtesy of Lebanese stars Razan El Maghraby and Nicole Saba. Damn…Mabe really knows how to make an entrance, eh?

You can find out more about Mabe in Egypt on Facebook.

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