Friday June 14th, 2024
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Egyptian Student Attacked in the UK Dies of Brain Injuries

The attackers of engineering student, Mariam Moustafa, are still at large.

Staff Writer

Egyptian Student Attacked in the UK Dies of Brain Injuries

Egyptian student, Mariam Moustafa, died Wednesday of this week nearly one month after she was reportedly attacked by 10 women in Nottingham, United Kingdom after she had been shopping. The 18-year-old was being treated for brain damage according to the legal counselor for the Egyptian Embassy in London, who announced her death. The attack took place on February 20 outside intu Victoria Centre, a mall in Nottingham at 8pm. According to the Nottingham Post, Moustafa had been shopping.

“Mariam had been in a coma for three days after she underwent a critical surgery in the brain to treat her deteriorated condition,” Moustafa's lawyer Emad Abu Hussein told Egypt Today, revealing that the hospital she was admitted to failed to treat her. “The hospital sent her home despite her severe cerebral hemorrhage,” Abu Hussein added.

In a statement issued two weeks ago, Foreign Affairs Ministry spokesperson Ahmed Abu Zeid also accused the hospital of negligence. The Nottingham Post reports that, according to her family, she was originally released from the hospital on the same day. However, once she returned home, she started to deteriorate and was rushed back, where she was put into an induced coma.

The statement also demanded that authorities take more serious steps in investigating the death, particularly considering the fact that the attack was caught on CCTV.

“The perpetrators are known to the British authorities, and soon they will be charged of killing Mariam,” Egyptian Ambassador to the U.K. Nasser Kamel told Ala Mas’olity TV show on Wednesday March 14.

Before her death, the British Embassy in Cairo had described what happened as "a despicable and unacceptable attack.” Moustafa’s mother had also posted a video on social media saying that her daughter was in critical condition due to the assault — which she claimed was racially motivated.

Picture: Nottingham Post