Wednesday June 7th, 2023
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A Massive New 8-Acre Park Just Opened by Mall of Arabia and it’s All Kinds of Awesome

The fun isn't limited to kids activities.

Staff Writer

It’s no secret that Cairo lacks in parks and outdoor spaces where one can just breathe, relax, and feel serene for even just a few hours. Residents of Sheikh Zayed City of all ages will be happy to hear that there is now a park allowing you to do just that, and so much more. Nestled in a spacious corner of Mall of Arabia in 6 October, the huge 8 acre ‘The Park’ is the ultimate destination for a whole new family experience in Zayed. 

It actually feels quite strange walking inside a shopping centre, only to suddenly find yourself in a universe of plush greenery, kids’ activities, food and beverage, entertainment, sports and fitness. It’s like entering the world of Narnia, with massive butterflies hovering around, as well as walking trees that talk - a whole new experience indeed.

The beauty in all this is that experiencing the park is far from a chore for parents, as with most family outings destinations, with the park priding itself in offering a different, engaging experience for the entire family. Move away kids, you're not the only ones entitled to fun. 

The Park’s grand opening last weekend was, well, absolutely grand. The event was attended by more than five hundred happy human beings of all ages who clearly had desperately missed sitting on the grass and hearing birds chirp, a luxury in the hustle and bustle of Cairo. Kids, obviously, had an absolute ball, with each of these little monsters turning into their favourite characters with face paint and hair coloring. Kids were also happy to join in on interactive activities at the park. 

On culinary duties were the good folks at BRGR, as well as the highly-sought after Crave, and Qahwa, a brand-new coffee joint with a beautiful 150-seat patio dead center in the park to feed your caffeine craves, all with the soothing voice of live performers Meska and Mai.

At the edge of the venue lies a massive sandy playground with swings and slides to keep the little ones happily occupied.

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