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Mercedes-Benz Announces the Launch of a Program in Egypt to Buy and Sell Used Cars

Now you don't need to buy your Mercedes from a dodgy source.

Mercedes-Benz Egypt has announced that they will be launching a program where Mercedes owners can sell their car, buy a new one, or trade it for a new or used certified car, according to Enterprise.

Each car included in this program will have to pass rigorous safety, mechanical, electrical and history checks to be awarded a 12 months warranty. You don’t need to worry about buying a car that will drive you (pardon the pun) to the technician every couple of months – cars are only displayed at the dealership after being accurately checked inside and out, under the bonnet, and on the road by a specialized Mercedes-Benz  technician.

Until the early 1980s, Egyptians only had the choice between 3 car brands, Mercedes, Fiat, or Peugeot, so traditionally Mercedes has remained popular in the country.The great thing about their cars is their durability, just look around in the street and you can see some from the 1980s that are still running. Would they pass the safety tests though? Probably not.

Main image from Company News in Egypt