Sunday 4 of December, 2022
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Forget the Merryland You Know, The New Merryland Arena will be This Summer’s Family Hotspot

Merryland Arena is set to become the perfect meld of leisure, self-care, dining and shopping - and one or two rather unexpected surprises.

Staff Writer

Measuring in at an impressive 50 acres of emerald greenery, Heliopolis’ oh so bucolic Merryland Park was once the jewel of Heliopolis. But some forty years after opening in 1958, things began going downhill. Despite falling prey to disarray and negligence over the past decade or so like so many of Cairo’s most precious of landmarks, Heliopolis residents have made it their cause to protect the iconic park from demolition and further destruction, in the hope it might one day rise back from the ashes to the iconic status it once rightfully earned.

Well, the wait is finally over folks and Magic Dreams for Development have stepped forward to champion the cause with a huge new project - an ultimate family destination, so to speak, in Merryland Arena. That's right, all those seemingly-fictitious stories your grandma poured into your tiny human ears since before you could even speak are soon to become your reality; albeit with a modern and lush allure.

A massive crystal lake at its center and Egypt's biggest dancing fountains (they go as high as 40 metres, are just the tip of iceberg of this urban playground – the trimmings, so to speak to what promises to be the perfect meld of leisure, self-care, dining and shopping. You see, Merryland Arena also comes fully equipped with state-of-the-art movie theatres, gym, spa and what is surely Cairo’s biggest dedicated food truck district which covers a whopping 2000 m2, while a huge open-air children's play area is currently in the works, too.


Something of a passion project for CEO, Nasser Salam, Magic Dreams for Development is sparing no efforts in turning this into a destination for the entire family, but there's one particular feature that we can't quite get over - Merryland Arena will have its very own... drumroll please... DOLPHIN DISPLAY! Dolphins in Heliopolis? That must be a first.

But on the other side of this shiny new coin, Merryland Arena is already shaping up to be the ultimate spot for tenants as a new self-proclaimed integrated family destination - a huge opportunity for the brigade of local brands, as well as a prime location that will almost certainly turn the heads of international brands looking to make its mark in Egypt. With so many attractions of so many different kinds, Merryland Arena all but promises to draw-in people of all kind, while being easily accessible thanks to its location overlooking Hegaz Street and it's dedicated off-street parking.

In addition, units range between 100 and 150 m2, are customizable and cover indoor, outdoor and rooftop venues, while also granting tenants a tourist license that allows for 24-hour operations for their long-term five-to-seven year leases.

Thank you Heliopolis for saving the Merryland. But if you think, even for a second, that we'll let you revel in this veritable carnival all on your own, think again. We're coming for you, Merryland Arena. We're coming hard.  

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