Sunday June 23rd, 2024
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Mo Salah Could Be in Hot Water with UK Police

That’s just not setting a good example at all now, is it?

Staff Writer

Mo Salah Could Be in Hot Water with UK Police

In a spot of shameful news this fine Tuesday evening, Liverpool legend and all-round Egyptian role model, Mohamed Salah has been caught on video using his mobile phone while behind the wheel of his car, a heinous offense in most of the modern world (even here in Egypt, surprisingly).

The video was taken by fans mobbing our golden (foot) boy, and then later referred to police by Liverpool, supposedly after a 4-0 match between the latter and West Ham United. It was then later shared by BBC North West via Twitter, going viral almost instantaneously (we wonder why).

The king might just get six points tacked onto his license, and may have to pay a fine of GBP 200. There’s no two ways about it; what Liverpool did was completely commendable, seeing as nobody is above the law (pretend that’s the case). There has been no word as of yet from the authorities, but here’s hoping our boy doesn’t get too much heat for his crimes, lest he set a bad example for the world’s (and Egypt’s) youth.

Main image from the Daily Mirror