Monday December 11th, 2023
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More Travel Restrictions for Egyptians

The list of countries Egyptians can't travel to without a permit rises from 6 to 16, and the restrictions now apply to women.

Staff Writer

Although news about having to have a permit to travel to a list of six countries circulated months ago, it was not taken very seriously. People traveled anyway, and while some were lucky, others were not so lucky and were banned from traveling.

In a new release, the restrictions have increased to include both men and women between 18 and 45 years of age, and are absolute with few exceptions. The only exceptions are made for well known businessmen and famous company owners or those who have a residence or working visa for the country they are traveling to, especially if it were Jordan and Lebanon. 

The countries you need a permit for from Mogama' El Tahrir are  listed as follows:

- South Korea

- South Africa and neighbouring countries

- Lebanon

- Jordan

- Yemen

- Syria

- Sudan

- Malaysia

- Indonesia

- Thailand

- Guinea

- Conakry 

- Israel

- Qatar

- Turkey 

The government's excuse for this restriction is to prevent terrorists and Muslim Brotherhood members from escaping, and young people from joining terrorist groups abroad.