Saturday December 2nd, 2023
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Take a Trip Around the Coffeeverse with Nespresso’s Master Origin Collection

You might not have time to visit India this year, but thanks to Nespresso, your tongue can go on your behalf.

Staff Writer

In a world where constants constantly strive to be variables, only a few things are ever truly absolute; the sun is really hot, Fifi Abdou is the centre of Egypt’s gravity, and the folks at Nespresso treat coffee the same way museum curators treat royal jewels.

In their latest grand flavour escapade (flavourpade?), Nespresso went far and wide, high and low, sideways and upside down the entire globe to further expand their ever-changing coffeeverse. Working closely with local farmers and artisans from around the waking world, Nespresso managed to expertly boil down five of the world’s most distinct coffee cultures and cultivars into five one-of-a-kind capsules: the majestic Master Origin collection.

The Colombia Capsule – Breakfast in Bogota

The otherworldly green rolling hills of this South-American paradise aren’t just for show. Utilising a ‘late harvest’ approach to coffee cultivation, the beans are left to mature on their branches for longer than usual, risking fermentation, and only picked when they’re at their optimal shade of fruity purple. A well-balanced blend of fruit notes, subtly roasted tones and a red wine-esque aftertaste give this Colombian concoction a rich, silky texture.

nespresso colombia capsule

Perfect for: A chill breakfast on the balcony, or a secluded coffee break.
Goes great with: Some quality dark chocolate accompanied by some bouncy Tropicalia in the background.

The Nicaragua Capsule – Midnight in Managua

You don’t hear too much about Nicaragua besides their penchant for beans and cassava, but when it comes to their beans, the Nicaraguans (and the Nesspressons) are nothing if not serious. Meticulously raked on the hour under the sun, all while it’s nestled in its natural fruit layer, this ‘black honey’ technique ensures you get a sultry-sweet espresso every time you please. Velvety-smooth, sweet and sour overtones and a honeyed, woody texture makes the Nicaragua a charmer.

nespresso nicaragua capsule

Perfect for: chill breakfasts before the storm, smooth nights in your cave, or a hopped-up espresso sesh with or without the boys.
Goes great with: try something buttery yet zesty, perhaps a cardamom crisp with some nice Latin pop or smooth rock.

The Ethiopia Capsule – Aloft in Addis

 The slowest of roasts under the scintillating sun, careful attention to each and every bean, and a unique, traditional dry-processing technique over the course of many a year ensures these beans mature into a citrusy, floral and eloquent bouquet of flavours. A soft-bodied tone that graces your tongue with a cavalcade of fruit notes, coupled with lightly-roasted hints of orange blossom make this little cap a worthy addition.

Nespresso Ethiopia Capsule

Perfect for: hosting a nice little get-together (perhaps for a book club?), or if you’re into the floral lifestyle, a proper wakeup.
Goes great with: Floral loves fruit, so why not try a nice strawberry or peach yoghurt, preferably with some smooth Coldplay in the background.

The India Capsule – Delight in Delhi

It’s nearly impossible (and implausible) to think about India’s culinary culture without being (pleasantly) overwhelmed by a melange of earthy spices. Utilising an ancient, tried, and true ‘monsooning’ technique, Indian Robusta beans are subjected to the wet winds of the Malabar Coast till they absorb enough moisture for an entirely unique flavour profile. Intense, spicy and woody notes accentuate a dark, desirable and lasting finish.

Nespresso India Capsule

Perfect for: This is a blend for the die-hard espresso junkie. It’ll pump up your system at breakfast time far beyond your expectations. Just don’t underestimate it.
Goes great with: New/Cold/Deep Wave (all the waves), perhaps even 80’s pop with a chocolate biscotti on the side. Something to compliment the intensity of this monstrous blend.

The Indonesia Capsule – Jiving in Jakarta

Sumatra; a stretch of planet where some of the world’s fiercest beans are “born” and bred, thanks to the veteran knowledge of Indonesia’s proud coffee farmers. Whereas most hulling techniques necessitate dry conditions, Indonesia’s trademark wet-hulling technique makes use of residual moisture, creating a smooth, soft-bodied tone with a texture akin to that of lush velvet. An exotic blend to be sure, the light grapefruit bitterness and tobacco-esque overtones of this blend are for a classic espresso connoisseur.

Perfect for: chill coffee breaks, mellow midday contemplation, or a good book sesh with the cat.
Goes great with: a chill playlist of your choosing, although some lofi hip hop or vaporwave would suffice, preferably with a less sweet dark chocolate, so as not to muck up the flavour.

Nespresso’s Master origin capsules can either be enjoyed as an espresso (40ml), or as a Lungo (110) ml, although we’d recommend stronger blends such as the India or the Indonesia to be sampled in Lungo format.

nespresso cappuccino machine

Feel like sampling some of the finer options Nespresso have to offer? Check out your nearest Nespresso Boutique on their official website, and follow their Facebook page for more caffeinated content.

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