Sunday 27 of November, 2022
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Mo Salah Has New Species of Ant Named After Him

Unlike Salah, these ants are quite slow.

Staff Writer

In his latest, and by far most peculiar, accolade, Egyptian footballing star, Mo Salah, has had a newly discovered species of ant names after him, according to Liverpool Echo.

Looking to honour the Liverpool player in his own, very special way, Egyptian professor of Ant Systematics at Saudi Arabia’s King Saud University, Mostafa Sharaf, named the species, which were discovered in Oman, Meranoplus Mosalah.

The ants are on display at Liverpool’s World Museum, where Sharaf has been a visiting professor, and, not unlike Salah, they’re usually found in grass. Unlike the 25 year-old, though, the long-headed, bi-coloured ant is quite slow in its movement.