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New Balance is Now Officially in Egypt

Ever dreamed of frolicking in the desert? Now you can do it while fashioning a pair of these kicks.

Just this season, New Balance is finally coming to Egypt. New Balance has announced on their Instagram that their new store has officially opened at City Stars, where their collection of shoes are available, and worth checking out. 
While the price range might not be an attractive aspect for the everyday Egyptian (an average of EGP 2,000 to EGP 3,000), the shoe designs on the other hand provide a means to make up for that price. The eye-catching and fresh designs as well as the vibrant colors are suitable for all seasons and almost any activity. It has been noted by reviewers that the shoes are lightweight, and a perfect fit, given that you have the right size on your feet.
Check out their Instagram page here.
Main image taken from South India Tour and Travels.