Sunday October 1st, 2023
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"No Two Students Will Study the Same Subjects," Says Education Minister on New System

According to the Ministers of Education and Higher Education, Egypt's education system is about to get an upgrade.

Staff Writer

On the third day of the World Youth Forum (WYF), the two education ministers – Tarek Shawky of Education and Khaled Abdelghafar of Higher Education – revealed their plans to modernise Egypt's education system, by building a curriculum to suit the skillset of each student.

"No two students will take the same subjects," Shawky said during the session. "Each student will take subjects that are suitable for their talents." Similar to a Liberal Arts approach, each student will be taking a number of courses required for all students, in addition to the electives courses according to their interests.

This new system will help schools pinpoint the students' talents, the ministers agreed. Since the students will have an education system designed to match their abilities, the teachers and schools can then figure out the strength and weaknesses of each student from a young age, and work on developing them appropriately.

"We want to find these talents early on, so that we can work on it," Shawky said.

These developments are a part of Egypt's Vision 2030, which is an agenda focusing on economic, social, and environmental developments in the country.

This is WYF's second edition, taking place in Sharm El Sheikh. The closing session will take place today.

Main image from Foreign Policy.