Wednesday 30 of November, 2022
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Nike to Release Dope New Basketball Shoes Inspired by Ancient Egypt

The shoes have been conceived and created in collaboration with NBA All-Star, Kyrie Irving.

Staff Writer

It's not uncommon for sports brands to collaborate with sportsmen-and-women or celebrities, but the most recent more than caught our eye - because it's inspired, maybe a little abstractly, by Ancient Egypt.

Made by Nike, Concepts (a store that works with brands specifically on collaborations) and NBA All-Star, Kyrie Irving, the 'Ikhet Nike Kyrie' doesn't exactly scream Pharaohs, but the Boston Celtics point guard has revealed some very adept knowledge of the symbolism of Ancient Egypt which he has used.

The colour purple used on the outsoles and midsoles of the shoes are meant to represent the hue of the sky when the sun is setting behind the pyramids, while the red tongue is an ode to the Sphinx, as the structure was believed by scholars to have a red nose (before he lost it, that is). Creative director of Concepts, Deon Point, has also revealed his admiration for that famous Ancient Egyptian attention to detail, precision and beauty.

"There was a 20-tonne door on one of the pyramids that was so precise, that you can’t squeeze a credit card through the seams — but it can be opened with one hand."

The 'Ikhet Nike Kyrie' also has a representation of the Eye of Ra on one of its heels. The ancient Egyptian representation, which is also known as the Wadjet, the Wedjat or the Udjat is a symbolism of protection, royal power and good health. The shoes are slated for release on December 23rd.

Images from Concepts