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This New Sheikh Zayed Restobar has Sleek Designs, Slick Drinks & Sinful Dishes

Zinc offers la crème de la crème of Cairo's upraised contemporary dining experiences.

Sheikh Zayed residents, we hear the west side is getting an upgrade with Zinc elevating our dining experience to a whole new level. We, for one, are relieved that to hear of all the new places opening up on this side of the city. With everyone making plans all the way in New Cairo and Maadi, we'd rather avoid Cairo’s insane traffic and stay closer to home at Zinc.

Zinc is Egypt's version of uptown Manhattan's swanky lounges. The Restaurant - which boasts of a sleek and modern design - also showcases a selection of art pieces from Nile Art Gallery. The artwork which is for sale is changed up every 6 weeks. So basically we get to be artsy while chowing down on good food and fine wine. 

A jack of all trades, Zinc doesn't limit itself to fine dining and galleries though. It offers a selection of breakfast dishes for Cairo's early risers. Located in Guezira Plaza, the new ‘it’ place is set to add a slice of romance to your weekly date night. But make sure to head early for a quiet evening, the venue takes on a whole new persona once the night dawns and it's time to cater to the wilder clienteles in town.

And since the key to our hearts is through our stomach, we haven't forgotten about the food. Giving us a fresh take on international cuisine, the eatery serves a variety of homemade dishes high in zinc (in case you were wondering where the name came from) and seasonal recipes. Not sticking to conventional flavors, Zinc isn't afraid to explore its wild side when it comes to food. And They've got the beef fillet - infused in blue cheese and strawberry sauce on the side - to prove it. Yes, food is a popularity contest too.And lest we forget to mention their pool of drinks, they're bringing their own spin on classic cocktails; between strawberry margaritas, blueberry mojitos, or chocolate Pina coladas, Zinc has all the zest you need for a night out.

So if you’re looking for a place for a perfect date, a midweek destination for a cozy glass of wine or a party scene, Zinc's got your back, Jack.

Check them out Instagram and Facebook.