Thursday June 8th, 2023
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Egypt Allocates Massive Farmland to Growing Jatropha Curcas and Jojoba

The established farmland will be Egypt's largest in terms of nontraditional crops, and are will be manufactured Egypt's beauty products and diesel.

Staff Writer

A total of 2,000 feddans have been allocated by Egypt's Governor of New Valley to farm nontraditional crops, such as jatropha curcas and jojoba. Land leveling and well-drilling procedures have already begun.While most of you have probably heard of jojoba – as it's known for its diverse application in the beauty industry – jatropha curcas is more known for its diesel-use. The crops to be planted in these feddans will reportedly be used for beauty products and jet engine oils. The vast farmland will reportedly be irrigated with underground water and wastewater.

Nontraditional crops are usually farmed in smaller amounts due to their niche uses within the given region.

We're excited to see where this goes, as Egypt hasn't had such a bad history when it comes to farming; it's been recently discovered that the first fish farm originated in ancient Egyptian times.

Main image from Zimbabwe Flora.