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Egyptian Brand NowMoods Redefines Comfy Fashion with New FW'18 Collection

Comfy is the new black.


Fashion is all about moods; the self-reflective images you chose of yourself you chose in different moments. Even deliberately deciding not to care about your fashion is a fashion choice, and it will reflect that image as such.

Launched earlier this year, NowMoods is the go-to Egyptian fashion label catering to our ever-changing moods. They made their debut with a happening and groovy SS'18 collection, and now they're back to raise the bar even higher with their first FW'18 collection.

The trendy new collection caters to all kinds of women; whether they're headed to a cut-throat business meeting or a Friday brunch. Featuring skirts, dresses, cardigans, and tops, NowMoods is not playing it safe with colours, using a diverse palette that goes from mint green all the way to lilac.

For the first time, they're also releasing a playful kids collection, because who ever told you kids don't care about fashion was lying; welcome to the age of Instagram."Fashion is all about current moods - how one feels in the moment - and I wanted to convey that through my brand," Nowmoods' founder Nouran Eissa said to CairoScene. "Sometimes you want to be laidback and chill and others you want to look camera-ready and fancy it up, which why I'm launching two lines simultaneously for those ever-changing moods." 

Check out the full NowMoods winter collection on Instagram