Saturday December 2nd, 2023
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Add Some Surf to your Turf with Conrad Cairo's OAK Grill Seafood Specials

Summer might be coming to a close soon, but the blessings of the sea know no timetable - at least at the Conrad Cairo Hotel.

Staff Writer

For as long as we can remember (and we're pretty good at remembering things), if your culinary preferences ever decided to take a trip to Lebanon without physically boarding a plane, the Conrad Cairo Hotel's OAK Grill was (and still is) the closest thing to a modern Lebanese dining experience (except the waiters speak like Patrick Stewart). Whether you're looking for the spiciest of hors d'oeuvres, the juiciest of Lebanese meats, it has it all, and coming this September, a delectable selection of the best seafood the sea has to offer.

Throughout the spicy month of September (and only September), OAK Grill will be offering up a selection of delectably classic seafood dishes straight from the sea to your ritzy plate. Feel like a more Mediterranean spin on your boring old kobeba? Try out their new shrimp and salmon kobeba with a tangy fresh side of fresh tartar sauce. Speaking of fresh spins, we never thought the Lebanese could do Alexandria, but their Alexandrian seafood soup manages to improve on an already solid formula.

Owing to their penchant for expertly prepared meaty menus (and their way around spices), one can never go wrong chowing down on a fresh sea bass fillet with Harra sauce the Lebanese way, nestled on a bed of fluffy white rice. If more fire is your speed (never a bad move), their char-grilled salmon shish is a solid option for those with a flare for the aquatic. Add to that an impressive spread of sea bass, shrimp, and calamari served with fresh lemon butter and caper sauce, and obviously some sinfully delicious saffron rice.

We all know the kind of romantic power that a good fish dish can imbue any pair of lovers with. So why not try the coveted romantic dinner option every Thursday, complete with candles, a three-course menu where your deep-fried sea bass fillet should rest, and some quality entertainment to set the mood? A steal deal for EGP 600.

For those of you who plan to have your get-togethers in suitable style and swank, OAK's offering up a one-of-a-kind '2 for 10' special; for every ten reserved guests, two more guests can join in on the shindig and dine for absolutely nothing. What's better than (technically) free food? We'll wait for an answer.

OAK Grill continues to set the standard for what Lebanese cuisine should always be like, and with a high-end fusion of flavours, chic decor, quality mood lighting and an air of absolute ease, it's hard to have a bad experience.

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