Saturday 10 of December, 2022
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Tawfiq Okasha is Making a Comeback and We’re Bereft of Words

Egyptian television’s foremost underdog, patriot and abstract poet appears to be coming out of hibernation. Wishes do come true.

Staff Writer

Stop whatever you’re doing, Marwa, we have massive news for you; enigmatic, almost supernaturally popular Egyptian TV host and proper role model Tawfiq Okasha is making a righteous return to TV, making a recovery from illness on his new show, Kalam Gedid, hosted on the immortal Faraeen channel, according to statements made by his son, Mohamed Tawfiq Okasha.

Okasha’s humble son further told press that his father had been battling the ravages of a stroke for some time now, and he’s improving over time, adding that “If anyone sees him now, they will not recognize him because he has lost a lot of weight.” This comes in after Facebook users circulated a post attributed to the Faraeen channel’s social media page announcing his mythical return on the 14th of March, following a two-year (daunting) absence. An absence we was forced into after having hosted an unauthorized meeting with outgoing Israeli ambassador Haim Koren (what if they were just going out for beers?). This, in turn, prompted the dissolution of the Faraeen  Channel - which unfortunately had been been in considerable debt to the Media Production City; the chief reason for its cruel shutdown.

What’s even more amazing? According to his son; he will make an incandescent appearance on Youtube, addressing the woes and cries for help of the Egyptian people on a video to be published this Wednesday (we are shitting ourselves in excitement.) So you better mark your calendar, Marwa, maybe do something better with your life for a change.

No matter what may have transpired during a politically turbulent time in the Egyptian government to force Okasha off our screens (but not our hearts), but we look forward to the return of perhaps what is Egypt’s last muse of justice.

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