Friday March 31st, 2023
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6 Lesser-Known Online Fashion Accounts that Deliver in Egypt and You Should Know About

In between our hectic work schedules, our insatiable shopping appetites and the traffic, a trip to the mall just isn't as appealing as it used to be.

Staff Writer

Having "nine to five" jobs and being the "responsible" adults that we are means that we don't always have time to indulge in the small things that used to bring us joy. One of them being a day of endless shopping at the mall with a brief food court pause to refuel on energy. However, recently when we do attempt to go to the mall on our only days off, the experience is closer to that of getting mauled by the Rhino-looking herds from Jumanji than to an actually pleasant day of self pampering and TLC. And actually getting to the mall? That's a whole other story. By the time we actually get through Cairo's traffic, we’ve almost lost the will to live let alone to shop. That's where online shopping comes in and while quality can't always be guaranteed until your product arrives, when it actually does turn out good, it's GOOD. Besides, isn't it more fun live on the edge? So to cater to your wild side, here's a list of online shopping stores in Egypt that deliver straight to your doorstep, sparing you a trip filled with elbowing and nudging people out of the way to get to the head of the cashier line or to the fitting rooms. 

Atelier De Lile

Having launched recently, this online store has already been seen on a few Egyptian influencers like Salma Abu Deif and Turkish-Egyptian lifestyle blogger Zayneb. The online closet sells imported Italian and French brands and they've got a few unique pieces that are well worth the price. However, we do suggest initially buying one item first to test out your size (rather than two or three pieces at time) because they don’t give refunds or exchanges. You can email or DM them on Instagram for orders. 

Delivery time: 2 days

Courier Fee: EGP 40

Check them out on Instagram


Zee Gallery EG



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Another downside to shopping in Egypt is when we end up wearing that awesome skirt we just bought only to find three other people wearing the exact same one at the club we went to Friday night. And while we do occasionally splurge to get that overpriced dress from the boutiques scattered around the city, we more often than not like to practice some form of self control (which we fail horribly at) and shop within a budget. Zee Gallery has pieces that are not generic while still being affordable. They've usually got quite a a few sales going on too, so Keep an eye out.  And they put all their infos on the post, everything from prices, to sizes available (well most of the time).

Delivery time: 3 - 5 days

Courier Fee: Depends on the governorate

Check them out on Instagram or Facebook.  

Frillu Cairo 


The Asymmetric Top 💙 Spring Fav! #tops #frillu #fashion #looks #lookbook #spring

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Frillu Cairo has quite a few cutesy pieces to pick from. If you visit their website, they've included testimonials from their happy buyers which we're thrilled about. A lot of online shopping trips usually end up with us whimpering in a corner surrounded by delivery bags of items that are too big or not the quality we expect. We end having spent most of our salaries with nothing to show for it. That's why we love it when online stores include customer reviews of their products.

Delivery time: 1 working day (Cairo) and 2-3 working days (Alexandria)

Courier Fee: EGP 30 and free for orders over EGP 600

Check them out on Instagram or their website

Sarah Beshier Fashion

Occasionally featuring their stylish products in Vintage Boutique, Fashion Avenue, and Obsession Boutique among others, we love the fast delivery of this online store. A definite plus for those spur of the moment trips where spontaneity costs you the sexy wardrobe of your dreams and instead you have to settle for that bikini you wore on your last trip to Gouna. In those cases, Sarah Beishier Fashion is your savior. All the items are made in Egypt and the online store sells accessories too!

Delivery time: 2 working days

Courier Fee: EGP 40 

Check them out on Instagram

 Bae Boutique

Bae Boutique caters to mummy and the kiddies. Selling both kids wear and women wear, we get to be time efficient and shop for both ourselves and our little ones while getting all of our work done as well as simultaneously updating our social media status. We've got this super mom thing on lock down and Bae boutique is the perfect hack. 

Delivery time: N/A

Courier Fee: N/A

Check them out on Instagram.

In Boutique 1 

In Boutique 1 has got us covered for a day at the beach, a night out on the town,  or a business meeting. Whatever the occasion, this online store has broad selection of imported goodies for us to pick from. And good news, they have a return policy! The item can be checked upon delivery and if it doesn't fit, it can be sent back. The only fees paid will be that of the delivery.

Delivery time: 1 - 2 days

Courier fee: EGP 35 - 40 (depending on location)

Check them out on Instagram or their website