Friday April 19th, 2024
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Orange’s New Neighbourly Ramadan Ad is Entertainingly Relatable

The star-studded cast featuring the lovely Mohamed Mounir does a wonderful job at portraying an essential aspect of our community.

Staff Writer

Orange’s New Neighbourly Ramadan Ad is Entertainingly Relatable

It’s adequately safe to say that Orange has had a pretty good track record when it comes to advertising any of their campaigns. Whether it’s an absurdist sketch or just a jolly jingle, there’s been this level of production quality that temporarily makes you forget you’re watching an ad, and just enjoying a quality piece of content. So it was refreshing to see their newest commercial about their newest campaign about the curious case of Egypt’s neighbourly relations.

The ad’s shiny list of performers includes the likes of Hend Sabry, Donia Samir Ghanem, Dhaver L’Abdine, Nichole Saba, Hossam Ghaly and the eternally elating Mohamed Mounir. The neighbours burst into song and dance as they portray the kind of interactions the fickle folk of Egypt have with their close yet distant cohabitants. Putting Ramadan/Summer stress aside, Egyptians have this effortlessly charming, friendly attitude with each other when the mood is (often) just right, and the way they do their spiel in this commercial, and put their format into words, it’s an enjoyable little medley of happy stereotypes. There’s also Mounir’s adorable face that has a way of making you forget your woes for just a little while, coupled with his heartwarming voice. You can feel the kind of love we have for that man.

So yeah, talk to your neighbours, close the distance between you and them, go out for a coffee maybe, and just make a few memories with your most estranged friends.