Monday 5 of December, 2022
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Orascom Signs Contract to Provide and Manage First-Class Facilities at Pyramids of Giza

Eco-friendly vehicles and fast-food joints by the Pyramids? Yes please!

Staff Writer

Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities announced on Thursday that it has signed of a contract with Orascom Investment Holding to manage and service the area surrounding the Pyramids of Giza. The contract retains the council's authority over the area, with Orascom's role being to provide high-quality service, Ahram Gate reports.

According to the council's president, Dr. Moustafa Waziry, Orascom will manage a new parking lot for tourist buses off Fayoum Road and provide an internal transportation network for tourists within the site, in addition to 20 mobile bathrooms. Orascom will mobilise, according to the statement, thirty buses and twenty eco-friendly vehicles to carry tourists in, out, and around the Pyramids plateau.

In addition, a moving medical center will be available on site and fast-food and snacks trucks are expected to finally appear around the Pyramids. The statement goes on to add that Orascom will also provide high-speed WiFi services and lay the groundwork for a comprehensive digital guide to the site.

As for horse and camel riding, the company will invest in training stable owners to deal with tourists and work on providing them with stable incomes and uniforms to wear on site so they're easily recognisable by tourists.

Negotiations between the council - which will retain security control over the area along with the Ministry of Interior -  and Orascom lasted about a year, Dr. Waziry revealed, with the final agreement guaranteeing the council half the revenue generated by Orascom's services, as well as maintain its right to end the contract at anytime should any commitments go unmet by the company.