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Egyptian Brand Osoul Khan Releases Seasonal Leather Accessories for New Winter Collection

We're all about the leather this Winter.

Osoul Khan Bag

With winter in full blast, we're going to need new bags, wallets, belts and generally new everything to go with all of our new winter coats. Besides, isn't a new season more or less synonymous with a new wardrobe? No? Either way, Egyptian brand, Osoul Khan, which designs bags, wallets and belts out of real leather, has answered our prayers and recently released their Winter Collection 2019.

Choosing to use darker colours for this season's collection as opposed to the usual brighter hues, designer, Aya Abdel Meneim, is bringing us shades of burgundy, brown and red.

"In general, leather has very limited colours but I always try to innovate," Abdel Meneim told us of the new collection. "Summer is more fun so I use brighter colours whereas with winter, I'll usually use burgundy or darker shades and I like for the bags to kind of represent the season."

Abdel Meneim's intricate designs and beautiful stitching came after years of trial and error until she found her brand's identity and she makes everything herself from scratch. 

“I draw on leather and I do it using a method called 7ar2 where you burn the drawings into the leather. Most people don’t do that but I wanted to create something that was different and that paid tribute to old school craftsmanship,” explains Abdel Meneim. 

At the core of Osoul Khan as a brand and concept, is a yearning to revive and celebrate the use of real leather - something that Egypt once excelled at.

Osoul means something that’s genuine and authentic and Khan is the old, small stores that we used to have around the city. What I wanted to say was that it’s the origin of everything, because we're working with real leather which is a very old craft in Egypt,” Abdel Meneim explains.“And basically leather, real leather, is a material that lasts long. Everything is handmade.”

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