Wednesday 7 of December, 2022
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Italy’s Biggest Fashion Chain Has Just Opened its First Branch in Egypt

Just because we can't go to Italy, doesn't mean we can't dress as if we are.

Staff Writer

The Italians do a lot of things well – food, fast cars, wine, over-the-top hand gesturing and, of course fashion. And while it’s the high-fashion of the likes of Prada, Armani and Gucci you relate to the country known as the Bel Paese (the Beautiful Country), it’s the fast-fashion of one of its biggest men’s, women’s and kid’s clothes retailer, OVS, that has been on Cairenes’ lips this week after it opened its first store in Egypt at Citystars.

Launching with an influencer-studded event, the new 1200 sqm branch adds to some 1,100 stores across 40 countries for the brand, whose reasonably-priced ranges straddle the line of stylish and practical and are often designed by the OVS team in collaboration with the brightest stars of some of most prestigious international fashion schools.

OVS has, over the years, also been involved in a number of social responsibility projects, including global textile recycling initatives and collaborations with a number of Italian and international charities that deal with issues relating to women, children, health in developing countries and humanitarian emergency aid. 

It comes as part of the brand’s commitment to being eco-friendly, with the store itself maintaining a simple, clean-cut design using sustainable materials. That's it, we're sold.

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